About Artist on Fire

Artist on Fire is the culmination of several years of dreams and thoughts in the hearts of co-founders Alex and Sara Radin. It is their desire to see more opportunities for artists to fully express themselves in order to be a voice of positivity and change through the creative arts.

"We want to inspire people to dream, to see the beauty that is around them, and also to be a voice for the voiceless by addressing the things in our world that need to change. We are here to be a voice of truth, hope and life."

Artist on Fire (AOF) plans to provide several events every year that will not only be fun but also engaging. AOF will continually seek to showcase the highest quality art and artists and to bring you something new, something different, something fresh...

"Diversity is one of the things that makes this world rich, full, and fascinating, so we intend to present the richness of the diversity that makes up our world and our existence. Not every event we do will appeal to every person but each one will connect with the people that the art is meant to connect with. Each event will be designed to make the participants think and will also have an opportunity for people to engage the work. The art is not just the stuff hanging on the walls or the sounds coming from the musicians but the interaction that takes place with the people who come to the show. Whether or not people believe it ... we are all artists, we all create. What is it that you will create? So the invitation is to come and explore that."